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Animal Testing Outline And Thesis Weldon 1 Animal Testing Introduction Thesis Statement: Animal testing is wrong... because it is inhumane, costly, and unpredictable Free Animal Testing papers, essays, and research papers. Our third grade writing program requires each student to complete an animal research paper. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed this project and with the help of her ... Primate Research. Animal tests are conducted all over the world causing horrific suffering to animals. The majority of animals used for testing are ... The New York Blood Center has abandoned a colony of 66 chimps in Liberia that its research teams used in experiments for three decades, reports James ... Copyright 2003, University of Minnesota Board of Regents. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Ethics and Alternatives

Using animals in research and to test the safety of products has been a topic of heated debate for decades. According to data collected by F. Barbara Orlans for her ... Animal testing is a hot button issue with a multitude of opinions on each side. It’s an industry where there are entire companies dedicated to the breeding of ... There is no doubt that the best test species for humans are humans. It is not possible to extrapolate animal data directly to humans due to interspecies variation in ... Home Page: ANIMAL CRUELTY IN RESEARCH LABS Unacceptable treatment to animals by research labs Warning extreme atrocities to defenseless ...